Welcome to Pega Sports, a proud South Australian company founded in 2020, with the vision to give back to local sporting communities. Our founder, being a football player and enthusiast, is proud that football is the highest participated sport in Australia. This fuelled his passion to create a teamwear brand that provides quality apparel to sporting clubs at an affordable price.

Our early success is a testimony to our unwavering commitment to quality products and outstanding customer service. In our first year of operation, we partnered with 3 clubs that are still with us today. In 2022, we supplied over 10 clubs and academies across Australia, and now (2024), we are partnered with over 50 sporting clubs, academies, schools and social teams.

We also have many professional footballers across Asia proudly wearing our popular Pega Grip Socks when competing for their respective clubs.


Developed by modern-day athletes, Pega Sports brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from within the sporting landscape. We understand the requirements to perform at the top of your game, and we work tirelessly to meet your needs. We treat all our customers with equal importance, and we believe that all clubs should have access to apparel that is equally resilient.

We are passion sport lovers who are committed to supporting local communities and grassroots sports to keep them thriving. We believe that local sporting clubs have a significant responsibility in nurturing Australia's future sporting stars. We understand that running these clubs can be challenging, and that's why we at Pega Sports want to help.

At Pega Sports, we offer a wide range of products, including gameday kits, bags, and accessories. We understand that each club has its unique brand, and that's why we work closely with our customers to customise designs that reflect their brand.


We are committed to supporting local communities and grassroots sports to keep them thriving. We aim to achieve our vision by providing apparel that is resilient and maintains high standards of quality.